Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

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Classic Lashes


Classic lashes is the most natural look that fits perfect for those customers that want a mascara look accentuating more the length, curvature and thickness. Classic eyelash extensions is a single synthetic hair attached to a one natural lash, however this set will no add volume but will make look healthier your natural lashes. If you wish to add volume to this natural look check the hybrid look or the volume express.


Flat Cashmere


Natural Set Mate


Hybrid = mix of classic and volume


Time: 1hr – 1hr 30min

Infill: 2/3 weeks 30€

Infill: 3/4 weeks 40€

Infill after 4 weeks full price

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Russian Volume


The Russian volume is the technique that consists in the creation of fans to achieve a higher density effect and which is created from very Libyan synthetic eyelashes that do not generate weight to the natural lashes. This set is perfect for customers who want to give more density and depth to their looks. also recommended for people with low density or weak eyelashes since it adds volume without adding weight. If you want to go father with your volume please consult our glamorous and dramatic sets.


Natural Volume (2-3d) similar to classic but adding density


Glamorous (4-5d) gives a full and dark eyeliner effect


Dramatic or mega volume (6d+) is a complete set recommended for people with healthy natural lashes


Kim K = mixed length/strip lash effects


Time: 1hr- 2hr 30min

Infill: 2/3 weeks 50€

Infill: 3/4 weeks 70€

Infill after 4 weeks full price

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Lash Lifting Botox


It is a Botox-based treatment which makes it a luxury for your eyelashes, adding vitamins, minerals and oils to your natural lashes. This novel treatment not only lifts the eyelashes from the root but will provide color, nutrition and shine with results up to 5, 6 weeks.


Time: 1hr- 2hr 30min

Infill: 3 weeks

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